Accessories for Upholstery

Upholstery Accessories are a must for DIY and hobby lovers.

As you well know, to carry out small domestic maintenance operations with excellent results, it is especially important to use good quality tools combined with a certain dexterity in the work.

This combo will allow you to create or repair the items you want as a true professional!

In the shop Tendaggimania you will find the classic upholstery tools such as nail removers and pin removers, glues for gluing wood, fabrics and paper.

You can also choose from a wide range of expanded polyurethane sheets and 100% Made in Italy eco-leather fabrics, to make the sofa of your dreams Wow proof!

And if you are interested in the nautical sector you will find everything you need to restore the seats of your boat or that of your customers.

Whether you are a DIY expert or you are still taking the first steps in this area, in our store you can find everything you need to find the right inspiration and create artfully crafted creations.


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