Car Roof Fabric – Model Velvet Original


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Car Roof Fabric – Model Velvet Original

Fabric Auto Velvet coupled with high density foam layer.
Fabric height: 150 cm
Thickness: 4 mm
Overall thickness: 4/5 mm
Ultra coupling – strong
Slightly closed cell to avoid permeability of the adhesive during installation.

Important: The color displayed may vary slightly depending on the settings and brightness of your screen

How to choose glue: up to a fabric length of 2 meters we recommend 1 power glue 850 gr or 2 glues Berner Spray.

From 2.5 meters up to 3.5 meters we recommend 2 Power glues 850 gr or 3 glues Berner spray.

If you choose the fabric length 4 meters we recommend 3 cans of glue Power 850 gr or 3 jars of Berner Spray.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 40 x 180 x 40 cm


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