Cushion Padding without cover



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Cushion Padding without cover

Soft cushion padding in 100% polyester staple.

The cushion padding is hypoallergenic and breathable and is soft to the touch.

Soft and voluminous cushion padding.

In addition to representing a piece of furniture offers a high feeling of comfort to enjoy your moments of relaxation in total comfort. Non-deformable, pressure resistant, retains the original shape and gives back, head and legs support

External pillowcase made of TNT. The external non-woven fabric is composed of synthetic fibers that create an ultra-filtering and resistant layer. Ideal to be covered with a cushion cover in harmony with the decor of your living Carefully sewn along all 4 sides, the pillow has no annoying side zip

Packaging: 1 cushion padding

You can use it to create decorative pillows for your bed or sofa but also for the furnishing of outdoor environments such as the garden

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