Spray Glue Power – 1 Can 400 ml


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Spray Glue Power – 1 Can 400 ml

Spray Glue Power Made in Italy, suitable for bonding rubber, polyurethane foam, synthetic material, carpet, fabrics, wood, metal surfaces, paper, etc.

High quality product based on thermoplastic elastomers and synthetic resins.

How to use: we recommend spraying at about 50 cm distance.

1. Clean the surfaces to be glued and make sure they are dry.

2.Spray glue on both products you want to paste.

3.Don’t overdo it. You may stain the product.

4.Let dry for at least 12 hours.

Packaging: 400 ml – 1 Can.

Application: Spray.

We recommend that you always carry out a first compatibility test with the materials on which you want to apply the spray glue.

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