Tarps wave covering pergola – Fabric Tempotest


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Solid Colour 21
Solid Colour 407/9
Solid Colour 102
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Solid Colour 107
Solid colour 11
Solid Colour 12
Colid Colour 13
Solid Colour 24
Solid colour 407/3
Solid Colour 782/14
Solid colour 79
Solid colour 873/151
Solid Colour 93
Solid colour 407/79
Solid colour 407/13
Solid colour 407/14
Solid colour 407/84
Solid colour 407/926
Solid colour 407/94
Solid Colour 416
Solid colour 4215/15
Solid Colour 426
Solid colour 52
Solid colour 53
Solid colour 54
Solid colour 57
Solid Colour 15
Solid Colour 1304
Solid Colour 14/16
Solid Colour 4015/61
Solid Colour 4015/81
Solid Colour 4015/91
Solid Colour 407/11
Solid Colour 407/16
Solid Colour 407/4
Solid Colour 407/6
Solid Colour 407/7
Solid colour 5/5
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Tarps Covering Pergola – Fabric Tempotest

Tempotest Parà Fabric is ideal for the outdoor covering of pergolas and structures made of iron, aluminium or wood.

How to use it: Fabric wave sheets are easy to apply even if you are not a DIY expert. All you need to do is drill the ends and attach the screws.

measurements tarp wave

Material: acrylic fibre

The quality of the fibre makes Tempotest fabric water- and oil-repellent, resistant to stains, saltiness and fading.

How we make the cover strips: the long sides are made in one piece (without seams) and the cut is made in one piece

A slot is applied to the short sides to insert the aluminium strip

Packaging: Tarps complete with 2 strips.

The profile of the strip is 3 centimetres and is inserted inside the pocket, which is designed for durability. You will need the second flat strip to insert it into the end of the wrap.

How to take measurements: Simulate the path of the bands by running the tape measure in and out of the beams. This way you will know how many metres of fabric you need

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 10 cm


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